David Linley Dining or Boardroom Table in Walnut - £27,500

Product Information

This high-quality table was made by Lord Linley the cabinet maker and nephew of Her Majesty the Queen. Predominantly in 'Burr-Walnut' and 'Home-Walnut', it is enhanced with a border of Burr-Maple and Myrtle.
This table is in two sections however can be used as one long table with a seating capacity for 14 people. (Incidentally, we have 14 matching chairs - as per photograph - also made by Lord Linley.) Each section measures 51 inches (130cm) across and 78.5 inches (2m) along at a height of 28.5 inches (75cm).
The table is supported in the centre by four solid columns in each section, this has the advantage of allowing all 14 people to sit around the table without any interference of legs.
This cleverly designed and beautiful piece is in a rich and homely colour and would enhance any room. Board or Dining.