Cased Clipper model ship "The Hippolyta" - £425

Product Information

Cased Clipper model ship "The Hippolyta" with Saltire flag.

Background of The Hippolyta ship from the Clyde Ships website: The Hippolyta was built in Scotland by John Reid & Co of Port Glasgow in the East Yard and was launched in January 1856. As a general cargo ship, it was an iron sailing vessel with three masts. The ships dimensions were 193.6 ft x 32.2 ft x 20.0 ft (59m x 9.8m x 6m) and the first owners were Joseph Heap & Sons, Liverpool. In 1856 she sailed to Calcutta. The main deck was replaced in 1888 and she was re-rigged as a barque in 1889 and sold again in Glasgow in 1892. She was finally abandoned in 1893 after she encountered a hurricane in the North Atlantic. All crew were picked up by steamer DONAU travelling from New Orleans to Hamburg and in 1893 the derelict wreck was seen floating in North Atlantic, East of Norfolk, Virginia.

Nice quality piece measuring 71.5cm x 40.5cm x 25cm / 28" x 16" x 10"